Wine Tourism Portland | Winery Near Me Portland

Wine Tourism Portland | Winery Near Me Portland

Wine tourism Portland

Welcome to the birth of a new way to travel and see the world. Enotourism, or Wine tourism Portland refers to tourism whose focus is on tasting or purchasing wine at a vineyard or winery. According to a first of its kind national survey in 2017 from the Travel Industry Association (TIA), in partnership with Gourmet and International Culinary Tourism Association (GICTA), 27 million travelers, or 17% of American leisure travelers, engaged in culinary or wine related activities while traveling within the past three years. Many of those surveys stated winery tours, driving a wine trail, tasting locally made wines and attending wine festivals are a driver of destination choice. Check out all our Store Around Me.

Wine tourism Portland is a hot, new travel trend that revolves around giving people a memorable experience. People want to make memories, fill up their Instagram feed, feel like they belong to a bigger experience. And if people can travel to destinations all over the world, and taste stellar wines, then they will be much happier and definitely more relaxed. Find a list of Winery Near Me.

Winery near me Portland

A winery visit is a remarkable experience. No winery is alike and the taste of wines is distinctively different. Wine tastings involve sensory examination of the characteristics that make wine so unique. What makes tastings more fun is the meeting of the winemakers and the sharing of the experience with new people or your best friends. Locate and Winery Near Me Portland.

A great way to experience the diversity of wine is with a road trip. In America and abroad, wine routes are mapped out so travelers can visit wineries, vineyards, restaurants and historical locations. Usually these routes are in specific regions or states. Some of the most famous wine routes in the world are in Bordeaux and Champagne, France, Rioja, Spain and Tuscany and Piedmont, Italy. In the United States, some of the famous wine road trips can be completed in Virginia, Texas, Oregon, Washington and New York. Check out our Brewery Near Me.

Some travelers may be looking for an adventure and there is a lot to offer in terms of modern tasting experiences. Wine tours by bike, interactive wine tables, snowshoeing wine tours and wine blending are all opportunities to expand your knowledge of wine and get your happy on. Find other states about Winery Near Me Portland.

Alexander Fleming, the Scottish bacteriologist credited with discovering Penicillin in 1928 exclaimed, “Penicillin cures, but wine makes people happy.” So what better way to get out of our post Pandemic rut than to eat, drink, travel and be merry! When you put the emphasis on the merry, one might think of getting together at a local winery for a wine tasting with friends and family or better yet, traveling to a winery to taste exquisite wines, take a romantic walk through a vineyard, or even take an active role in the harvest. Wine tourism Portland Portland can introduce travelers to a whole new world of wine and merriment. Check out our Blog.

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