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Our Little Kveik Revolution

(Why our beer tastes a little different)

Perfect for fermenting in Texas temps, Kveik Yeasts laughs in the face of limitations. Not only can it withstand more alcoholic environments (the alcohol tolerances of Omega 3’s strains, which we use, range from 11–16% ABV), but they can ferment at temperatures as high as 98 degrees without producing off flavors. At these higher temps, Kveik can ferment the same 5% ABV beer in as little as 48 hours, three to five days sooner than typical ale yeasts. Some Kveik can even survive 104 degree environments.

Voss Kveik is from the Gjernes farm in Norway, imparts moderate orange citrus and general fruit characteristics; Hornindal Kveik, passed along from another farm, exhibits a strong pineapple, dried fruit, and stone fruit character that overlaps substantially with hop notes. These attributes lend themselves to many American Ale styles as well as many European styles and we hope to utilize and showcase these yeasts in our beers. Kveik strains do add a haze to the beers they produce, and we do not filter any of our beer, so if there is a haze to your beer, it is supposed to be that way.

The quick turnaround and higher range of fermenting temperatures offered by Kveik is a major advantage for a brewery like ours, which uses a 3-barrel brewing system, but it’s the flavor and authenticity that we are really after. So, sit back and enjoy some beer with good friends and join our little revolution!


Tim & Cat Jung


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